Life Insurance


Rickets Fennell & Associates can help you identify and price all of the benefits that you need to make your business successful. Group health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and other employee benefits can be the key to protecting your investment as owners and attracting and retaining talent. Deliver the benefits your workforce needs to keep your business competitive.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance / Disability

Key personnel and owners often need to consider estate planning and perpetuation plans to help ensure that income needs will be met in the event of misfortune, and that the business can continue on. Sometimes overlooked, having these products in place to protect a business during its operational lifetime is a critical planning step. Rickets Fennell & Associates can help you put these in place and make sure your and your employees’ investments are protected.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Attract the workforce you need by offering the employee benefits candidates desire. Beyond the basics, we can also help plan for other employee benefits. Whether it’s additional disability benefits, retirement plans or purchase programs, we are able to assist in navigating the options. Speak with one of us today to learn what is available and how that might fit your needs.

Employee Benefits

Group Health Insurance

The changing environment surrounding employer health insurance is placing more and more demands upon the business owner. Ensuring that our clients are compliant with HIPPA and COBRA requirements requires keeping up to date with recent legislation. We can help you coordinate these group health insurance benefits so that you stay in compliance with the variance regulations.


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Benefits Your Workforce Needs

Stay Compliant with HIPPA and COBRA

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